Process-Supporting Materials

The process-supporting ProArt CAD discs serve to transform conventional working steps in the laboratory into entirely digital processes. The dimensionally stable polymer and wax discs are easy to mill. As CAD/CAM auxiliary materials, they cover a wide range of indications.

ProArt CAD Try-In

White PMMA disc for functional try-ins

ProArt CAD Transfer

Polyoxymethylene (POM) disc suitable for the fabrication of transfer templates

ProArt CAD Splint

Clear PMMA disc for occlusal splints and drilling templates

ProArt CAD Model

Beige-coloured polyurethane (PU) disc for the production of acrylic models

ProArt CAD Wax yellow

Yellow wax disc ideally suited for IPS e.max Press

ProArt CAD Wax blue

Blue wax disc for the casting technique

ProArt CAD Wax pink

Pink wax disc for individual wax bite rims

ProArt Print Model

Opaque-beige material for dental models

ProArt Print Splint

Transparent material for splints and drilling templates

ProArt Print Wax

Yellow material for pressing and casting objects and for printing wax trees